The Case Against Illegal Aliens

Donald Trump is the new United States president, whether people like it or not  America has a good, strict immigration policy that he will enforce to protect the American people. It is not discriminatory like the liberals would have you to believe. It applies to any illegal alien. Illegal alien does not only apply to one country but anyone from anywhere of any religion who enters America illegally. So, in actuality, liberals stereotype illegal aliens coming from the country of Mexico.

Plenty of reports show a high crime rate committed by illegal aliens.  Imagine how many people would still be alive or not victims of kidnappers, rapists, drug lords, or robbers if immigration laws were being enforced. These are good reasons why America has these laws. Answer me this: Why is it such a sin to liberals for conservative politicians to enforce the immigration laws already on the books to protect American citizens?

There should be no Sanctuary cities or path to citizenship if one breaks the law. It is not fair to those who follow the law and who spends months, and sometimes years, waiting for citizenship doing it correctly.  If the liberal left continues to sympathize and give in to those who break the law, when will it stop? It is like allowing someone who stole to continue stealing because of sympathy. In reality, when someone breaks the law, it affects the good hard-working citizens of the United States. The President, no matter who he is, is responsible for the safety and well being of Americans, not illegal aliens.

I thought it was important to add these couple of paragraphs from the official website of Immigration hoping to open minds and soften hearts when entering in America it should be done the right way.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services website ( states:

“The United States has a long history of welcoming immigrants from all parts of the world. America values the contributions of immigrants who continue to enrich this country and preserve its legacy as a land of freedom and opportunity.

Deciding to become a U.S. citizen is one of the most important decisions in an individual’s life. If you decide to apply to become a U.S. citizen, you will be showing your commitment to the United States and your loyalty to its Constitution. In return, you are rewarded with all the rights and privileges that are part of U.S. citizenship.”

About the Author
David Weissman was born in New York and served in the US Army for 13 years, with two deployments to Afghanistan. He is now married with 3 daughters and is a free lance writer after making Aliyah to Israel.