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The Cli-Fi Report goes global with translation buttons in 10 languages now

The Cli-Fi Report (CFR) is a research tool for academics and media professionals to use in gathering information and reporting on the rise of the emerging cli-fi term worldwide. This website was made possible due to the generosity and friendship of several friends from Taiwan, and they know who they are. While the website began life on the internet in English only, a recent revamp by the IT team behind the website in Taiwan and California added 10 translation buttons for researchers and academics around the world to use as well. Included are translation buttons for Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, French, Italian and other languages.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I am is a 1971 graduate of Tufts University in Boston where I majored in post-modern European literature. I also attended Oregon State University where he worked on a masters degree in the Speech and Communications Department and was a graduate teaching assistant.Working as a journalist in Alaska for 12 years in the 1970s and 1980s, I later worked as a newspaper editor and reporter at English-language newspapers in Japan and Taiwan in the 1990s and 2000s.

So many people are divided into two camps relating to global warming and climate change. There are those like David Wells-Wallace who see the worst-case scenarios and say these events will occur in the next 100 years. He’s wrong of course. These events will occur but not for another 500 to 1000 years. See The Cli-Fi Report for details.


And then there are those naive people who still cling to hope that technology or God or human resourcefulness will save us from the coming Climapocalypse and these people are also wrong, though bless ’em for their optimism and hopefulness. Remember the late great Walter Benjamin once said “Hope if for the hopeless.”


And there’s experts like Dr Charles Geisler, an emeritus development sociologist at Cornell University, who has predicted that 2 billion people may be displaced by rising sea levels by the year 2100.

He is SO wrong! Not gonna happen for another 500 to 1000 years. SEE BELOW.


Geisler says coastal peoples will press inland, while farmland off the coasts is likely to be increasingly compromised by drought and desertification. He concludes: “Bottom line: Far more people are going to be living on far less land, and land that is not as fertile and habitable and sustainable as the low-elevation coastal zone… And it’s coming at us faster than we thought.”


Kids now in just 5 and 8 years old will be in their 80s …. when Geisler’s predictions will not come to pass. These kids today can’t, of course, know about any of these possible catastrophes, but we adults already sense that they’re picking up on something subtly fragile and vulnerable about our relatively settled lives together. How do we respond to them? What do we as a parent do in the face of such a potentially bleak future? How and when do we break news like that? Are we supposed to help our children and grandchildren cultivate a taste for crickets instead of hamburger or start building a solar powered hydroponic farm in our basement? Worse yet, whatever we could imagine suggesting wouldn’t be enough. It wouldn’t protect them. It wouldn’t even prepare them for such a future.


Well, I’ve been thinking about all this for the past ten years, every since the IPCC report came out. And those interviews with James Lovelock. And working on my Cli-Fi Report website as a platform for novelists and movie producers to create cli-fi novels and movies warning us of what is coming down the road. Most people are not listening to me, and I don’t blame. It just doesn’t compute for most people today in West or the East or in Africa or anyway on Earth. But there are those who do “get it” and I am one of those. Please don’t accept me at my words below. Do your own research and come up with your own plans and strategies. But this is how I see the future coming at us and I say this with all due respect for my friends who are still hopeful and want to be optimists. They are wrong. THIS is what is going to happen but I am giving you a generous timeline so don’t panic and don’t fret, There is still time to prepare our descendants 30 to 60 generations down the road for the End. How to prepare for their End. Our End? It’s not going to happen in our lifetime so stop worrying. Write a good cli-fi novel instead about all this.

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Dan Bloom curates The Cli-Fi Report at He graduated from Tufts University in Boston in 1971 with a major in Modern Literature. A newspaper editor and reporter since his days in Washington, D.C., Juneau, Alaska, Tokyo, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan, he has lived and worked 5 countries and speaks rudimentary French, Japanese and Chinese. He hopes to live for a few more years.
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