The Coming Storm for Jerusalem

Us Americans can become complacent, bitter, entitled. In short; we have very short memories and as the Truth of G-D’s word deteriorates throughout America we are becoming less and less conscience to the battles of our most sacred allies; namely Israel. As the boycott movement takes hold in more and more evangelical type Churches in the United States the next half of a generation will most likely see a drastic decline in political support for Israel as well. Everything is moving in the direction of prophecy.

Jerusalem, oh how you have become that burden to the world. No truth has been spoken more loudly by G-D than the truth spoken in Zechariah. We fashion our religion after G-D’s Word, in the beginning, then quickly mold it into something self serving. We ignore G-D’s Word and create our own realities. Every leader in the last 30 years in both America and Israel have loudly proclaimed that Jerusalem will never be divided again. That is not true, it will be divided, so says G-D in Zechariah 14.

The storm is easy to track if one can discard the distorted lens of politics, religion and personal prejudices and look deep into the streets of Jerusalem, and one must also look deep into the scriptures as well. No, I do not wear a tin foil hat but I do believe we are moving closer and closer to “THAT DAY”. The storm will, obviously, begin at the Temple Mount. The scenario is simple; Jews want their Temple Mount back while the West along with their Islamic allies say “no”. Even the Israeli Government says “no”. Well G-D has other plans and if any lesson can be learned from the apocalyptic prophecies of Isaiah is the fact that G-D is watching his mountain and when his work is done on his mountain he will destroy Israel’s enemies and Yeshua will return, bank on it.

We must prepare ourselves for the inevitable and immediate, I believe, future. We must prepare ourselves for a future event that motivates tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into the streets of Jerusalem. The event that triggers this storm will be overlooked, the event that sparks the fire will be an event that has occurred in Israel dozens of times. When it happens Israelis won’t give it a second thought but the Western Media will change that and in the manner of Egypt the West will strike and either force Israel to adhere to the pre-1967 borders or the UN will demand it via resolution. Either way when Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN creates another Cairo circa 2011 in the streets of Jerusalem Obama will answer the call and in the manner of Egypt he will finally be in a position to force Israel’s hand. He has wanted to be in that position for 7 years and I am afraid he will get his chance soon.

It’s your turn Jerusalem and it’s out of your hands, G-D’s plan will be complete and only he can save Her and He promised He would.

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Yaakov Israel is a Biblical Minister, and owner and operator of He is an expert on Isaiah and the Messiah's teachings.
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