The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part19)

Bitter Livni slams housing minister for ‘torpedoing’ peace efforts

Read more: Bitter Livni slams housing minister for ‘torpedoing’ peace efforts | The Times of Israel

This current peace initiative might have gone so far beyond the limits of revival that no power on earth can restore it to full or even partial vigour. What original expectations existed when starting out on the journey may now have to be drastically revised and reduced, if not entirely abandoned altogether.

Indeed, it might be better for all concerned to draw a line under these proceedings, take on board what lessons can be learned and determine a new course of action based on the knowledge gained.

But what has been learned, what is the knowledge gained?

Not much more than that already known to all of us for decades. But perhaps, centuries, even millennia might the relevant time-scale to apply.

1. The two sets of principals in this matter do not react favourably with each other, at least not in geopolitical terms.

2. There is too much bad history between them and, as with so many other generations, past and present, events, memories and conflicts of a most divisive nature still dominate their way of life; in this particular case, it seems almost to the exclusion of everything else.

3. This latest foray in seeking out the possibilities for peace between both these disparate groups would indicate that conventional measures stand little or no chance of success. Indeed, they seem only to serve in making matters that much worse and the next initiative even less likely to prevail.

In light of the above, there may come a time when, by making everyone an offer they simply can’t refuse, some real traction can be purchased on so slippery a slope. Then progress of a very substantial nature may well become the natural outcome of what has long been a deadly and debilitating dispute; no settlement in sight and little prospect of it ending in a manner that dignifies the human race or brings some credit to us all. – ‘for those of us with better things to do.’

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