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The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 151

Obama, in call with Netanyahu, offers to mediate ceasefire | The Times of Israel   ‘President backs Israel’s right to self-defense, condemns rocket fire, expresses concern over escalation of fighting with Hamas’

Getting mediation under way here has always been a slow process even at the best of times and usually it happens far too late to save the many lives that are lost by then. But, although Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli airstrikes don’t help, this eventuality must still take place, much as it has done so often in times past. Thereafter, the conflict cools off to some extent and the possibility of peace talks once again emerges as a recurring theme, the prospect of final settlement ever a distant hope.

The cycle is one we have all seen before, never varying much in character or result. It’s as if a preordained destiny exists to repeat the same sequence of events over and over again.

What is therefore needed is a strong spoiling tactic, something brought into the situation from outside, a factor that seriously disrupts the direction and control of conduct and mindsets on both sides.  – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

By creating a more meaningful relationship that everyone can easily subscribe to worldwide, maximum censure and ultimate closure is established of a condition that mankind has sought to overcome and correct since the very dawn of history.

Time, therefore, for all the ‘boys with toys’ to be packed off home and a more sophisticated program allowed to take command of the situation.



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