The complete idiot’s guide to Middle East peace (part5)

Three Palestinians killed in clashes with IDF in Jenin

Three Palestinians killed in clashes with IDF in Jenin | The Times of Israel

How many times over the course of so many decades have we seen much the same sort of headline?

You would think that a race of beings able to hurl spacecraft deep into the interstellar void, plumb the inky depths of every known ocean on the planet, unravel the structure of DNA and lately confirm the very first moments of creation might easily have evolved a better technique for dealing with situations of this type.

Why then do so many of our methods remain primitive, prone to too much error, failure and regret?

What is it? Do we lack imagination, our primary resource in all such matters? Have we become incapable of rational thought? Are we beset by a multitude of fears such that our brains now function only in survival mode?

Surely we can and must improve our efforts to eliminate so much that still holds us back and denies our genius for innovation and exploration. – ‘for those of us with better things to do.’

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