The complete idiot’s guide to Middle East peace (part8)

Washington reportedly fears collapse of peace talks | The Times of Israel

The impeding failure that presently looms over extending the current Israeli-Palestinian talks would seem deserving of further comment.

Why, when a genuine peace is guaranteed to immeasurably improve the prospects for all concerned, must it always remain so elusive and ever reluctant to take the field? Maybe it has doubts about its own strength, its ability to take on and defeat the big beasts that have roamed the region’s undergrowth for decades. They seem to know every trick in the book, certainly well able to scare off this latest US-brokered venture that now seems poised on the very brink of imminent collapse. With so many of these creatures bellowing their defiance at occupation forces, rocket attacks, military incursions and snatch squads, prisoner release, security barriers, checkpoints and now even terror texts, peace may well feel itself justifiably intimidated by such a massed array of prowling predators. No wonder it makes only a fleeting appearance on the rarest of occasions and then runs for cover at the slightest opportunity.

Time, it would seem, to arm our next timid peace protege with the most fearsome set of razor-sharp teeth imaginable, bulk it up to quite massive proportions and then let it loose upon a world where it would have no equal, not even unto generations far into the distant future. – ‘for those of us with better things to do.’

No one would ever dare mess with this guy. Not even the biggest of the big on the block. It would eat them for breakfast and then come back looking for seconds.

And that really is the sort of power play needed to achieve, enforce and ultimately establish that a truly final peace comes to the Middle East.

And, very likely, more than one or two other places as well.

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