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The complete idiot’s guide to Middle East peace (part 1)

Israel can operate in Iran if it needs to, IDF chief says | The Times of Israel

Is this a threat, a bluff, a counter-bluff or the real deal?

The problem here is that no one will ever know for sure until someone decides to ‘make the call.’

And the problem then is this. A whole new ‘ball game’ suddenly swings into action; there is much beating of chests, rattling of sabres and an all-round sharpening of swords. If the situation is left to boil over, there can also be a shooting of bullets, a dropping of bombs and a killing of people.

In many ways, both big and small, the Middle East has long been a martyr to this type of behaviour. As yet, there exists no equivalent of a lightning rod whereby the constant build-up in tension can be safely drawn off, largely neutralised and sent to a properly designated holding facility. This omission results in the sad state of affairs we see today.

But what might such a lightning rod look like and where can it be found?   ‘- for those of us with better things to do.’


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