The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 102


‘Hamas vows to end West Bank security cooperation with Israel’

Hamas vows to end West Bank security cooperation with Israel | The Times of Israel

‘Days before the unveiling of a Palestinian unity government, top officials in the Islamist movement reiterate dedication to path of ‘resistance’ ‘

It would seem that, even in unity, some antagonisms must remain, the old rules still apply and life goes on much the same as before.

In the wider context of the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, this also seems to be the case. Very little has changed in 66 years. Both sides continue to confront each other on a daily basis; an end to their long conflict seems nowhere in sight. .

Why should this be so and must it be ever thus? Is there one key component of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that has prevented every prospect of peace from becoming a reality, no matter how promising the picture nor reasonable the positions taken at the time?

One thing is always missing.

There is no convenient exit route by which either side can permanently retire from the field of battle and still retain credibility as champions of their cause. While this state of affairs continues, the possibility of any peace plan coming into operation or being anywhere near viable can be entertained only as a distant dream – and an ever receding one at that.

There comes a point in life when most of us reach a crossroads and have to decide which way to go. This can be true of individuals, nations and even of the entire world these days. Do we continue down along the same old path just as before, knowing full well that, awaiting us, may be consequences most dire and not at all in anyone’s best interests? Or should we strike out in a new direction, take an alternate and much shorter route towards whatever destination we originally had in mind? – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

As always, there is a choice. Even though, at times, it might appear that there is none.

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