The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 104

It seems that even more deep blue water is being put between the Israeli and Palestinian positions on how to proceed further towards whatever future now awaits them. The Hamas-PA linkage is not a move calculated to endear itself to Israelis nor can the increasingly right-wing trend in Mr. Netanyahu’s coalition find much favour with Palestinians.

And yet these two sides must somehow draw closer together if any chance of an enduring peace is ever to be realised and its outcome finally fixed in place.

What then could accomplish so fortuitous a bonding for both principals in this matter?

This would be the concept of a common enemy, an external foe of such menace and existential threat that only their unity in the face of so formidable an adversary could ever defeat such an opponent.

Yet no such opponent can be found nor have any appeared in all of the 66 years and more that their conflict has been in session. Enemies have made their presence known and allied themselves to this or that political, military or militant persuasion. But none have been disposed to antagonise both Israelis and Palestinians at one and the same time.

Then perhaps it’s time one did. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’ – who, in the end, might turn out to become everyone’s very best friend.

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