The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 103

‘Israel denies Gazan ministers entry to Ramallah’

‘Leaders had asked to attend Monday announcement of unity government; US denies it invited PA prime minister to Washington’

Israel denies Gazan ministers entry to Ramallah | The Times of Israel

Well, on the face of it, this does appear to make Israel look a trifle petty but, worse still, it confirms that Israeli strategy is predictable, even old-fashioned. This may have been, in part, why the travel request was made in the first place.

It seems that Israel has no grand design from which it can draw down, no prepared response to developments initiated by the other side. The standard moves it makes are all in opposition to whatever is perceived as detrimental to Israeli interests; little thought has been given over to resolving the real issues, ones that have been around for generations.

Much the same can be said about the overall Palestinian position. There is no feeling of closure coming from their side either, no clarity or determination to do more than reiterate past demands, relying on their victim status to generate world sympathy and hoping that this will eventually be enough to ensure the betterment of their cause.

So, if neither combatant is prepared to step up to the plate and demonstrate their willingness to finally settle matters in an orderly and comprehensive manner, then is it really beyond powers resident in the rest of humanity to create conditions that will overcome such an all too common and pervasive streak of reticence? – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

At least this way, everyone gets a result at long last. And the most likely outcome will be for conflict to be replaced by peace, constructive dialogue instead of the more usual diatribes and a future largely freed from intrusion by so much of what has happened in the past.





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