The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 105

US says it will work with new PA government | The Times of Israel

Israeli ambassador rebukes US for backing PA unity | The Times of Israel

US Jewish groups cast PA unity as rejection of peace | The Times of Israel

This latest development has certainly ‘put the cat among the pigeons’ as it were and one can only wonder where it all might lead.

Do the pigeons now take flight and wing their way back to the nest, never to venture forth again? Or will they stay and duke it out with the cat, claw against beak and with much fur and feather flying in all directions?

Given either case and, if the last round of peace negotiations is anything to go by, it’s very hard to see how the next will fare any better.

It would seem then that a choice has to be made.

1. Let matters drift on in the faint hope that some unlikely circumstance will eventually bring about a peace deal welcomed by the two sides here.

2. Or undertake to bell the cat and clips the wings of the pigeons at one and the same time. Then both would have to settle their differences in a manner far less instinctive and painful than that which, it seems, has been many times in the past – and all to no avail. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

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