The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 110

‘Netanyahu ‘loathes’ Obama, Israel’s opposition leader charges’

‘PM’s hostility to president is ‘endangering Israel’s security,’ claims Labor’s Isaac Herzog, in rare confirmation of long-rumored strained ties between ‘Bibi’ and ‘Barack’ ‘

Netanyahu ‘loathes’ Obama, Israel’s opposition leader charges | The Times of Israel

‘It was “a tragedy” that Netanyahu had not presented a peace plan, and was instead “dragged” into responding to other proposals, said Herzog.’

The real tragedy is that Netanyahu cannot present a peace plan. For that matter, neither can Abbas nor the Hamas.people. Even though heavy US pressure has been applied to both sides in recent months, starting down the road towards even the most minimal form of coexistence has proved consistently impossible.

And the reason why is not so very hard to see. No matter what proposals are put forward to end the conflict, the very nature of it conspires to defeat all attempts at remedy and resolution. Every motivation for doing so is routinely deemed suspect in the eyes of one or other of the parties and thus the will and confidence to explore new arrangements never quite materialises, an inevitable return back to the familiar ‘status quo’ being the only route open to all such endeavours.

The answer to this type of impasse is to create an entirely new ‘status quo’ and let that determine the outcome of events and policies that have, until now, served only to undermine and to compound an already tense and extremely unstable situation.   .– ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Sometimes the solution to certain persistent problems can be so obvious that it defies belief it hasn’t been seen and applied long ago.





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