The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 111

‘Pope Francis to host joint Israeli-Palestinian peace prayer’   BBC.

‘Pope kicks off Mideast peace summit of prayer’

‘Jewish, Muslim, and Christian supplications will make up a ceremony intended to stay clear of politics’

Pope kicks off Mideast peace summit of prayer | The Times of Israel 

This is something of a departure from conventional attempts at getting all sides to kiss and make up. But does speaking with God still command enough gravitas to move matters any further forward? Previous on/off drives for peace between Palestinians and Israelis have often seemed like half-hearted affairs to many observers, testimony to an unspoken acceptance of their complexity and a depth of bad feeling so consistently at odds with progress in a conflict spanning generations.

Will this latest effort prove beneficial or are the issues too polarised by now to be capable of resolution in any form whatsoever?

If it must be the latter, then has any thought ever been given to depolarising the situation? It still remains fixed in a 66 year-old alignment that never deviates far from all those circumstances and pressures that originally brought it into being. No radical overhaul or major modification has been carried out in seven decades; specifications that were current at the start still command and dominate to this very day. Thus the saga is able to continue ever onward, its self-sustaining mechanism in no real danger of closure, not even that of momentary interruption.

But can the power of prayer link up with that of the mind and work out a means of salvation for all concerned here? If such is indeed the case, then we may find that the answer was there all along, just waiting for the right time in which to make its move. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’







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