The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 117


‘Rice: US supports Israel, but it’s a two-way street’

‘Top Obama adviser says Israel must back US on Ukraine and other topics, talks up reform of UN Human Rights Council’

Rice: US supports Israel, but it’s a two-way street | The Times of Israel

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice (photo credit: AP/Craig Ruttle/File)

Life often is a two-way street and this is never more evident whenever national interests are factored into the equation. Quid pro quos are the very much the norm when one country is asking favours of another.

In Israel’s case, these favours are substantial and they are not only limited to matters of mere material assistance. There is also the need for an understanding and moral support of the Israelis position and the circumstances that have caused their situation to be as it is.  

At the moment, it may be fair to say that Israel is becoming more isolated than ever before on the latter requirement. This is not so surprising since it is always much easier to extend sympathy and forbearance to whosoever is perceived as the ‘underdog’ in any clash of cultures or communities. And, in this regard, Israel has long been conspicuous as the most dominant player in the region.

So, if the outside world is to remain steadfast in Israel’s corner and stay committed to its well-being,  then that same Israel might now have to offer it a ‘quid pro quo’ of quite astonishing and superlative proportions. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Sometimes it is so much better to meet the world halfway than just hanging in there, hoping everything will all come right in the end.








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