The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 118


‘Livni meets with Palestinian foreign minister’

‘Justice minister also in phone contact with other top PA officials, weeks after she caused a storm by holding talks with Abbas despite Fatah-Hamas pact’

Livni meets with Palestinian foreign minister | The Times of Israel

Tzipi Livni meets with PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki in London, Thursday, June 12. (photo credit: Courtesy)


While it is most gratifying to note that some remnants of the Kerry peace initiative may still be with us, the fact that these are being mulled over by people not necessarily enjoying the full confidence of their respective leaders must temper what little hope remains for meaningful dialogue.

Indeed, with the constant constraints visited upon both sides in this matter, prospects for tangible progress towards peace, settlement, remedy or just plain improvement of the situation seem no nearer fruition than they have at any time in the past.

Personally, I feel it speaks volumes for the patience and forbearance of Israelis and Palestinians alike. They appear quite content to let matters slide along in much the same old manner, taking their continual lack of results without complaint and without the slightest hint of urgency or concern that nothing substantial is ever likely to be accomplished or resolved from one year to the next. The stoicism of such famously volatile communities is much to be admired. Even here in the UK, the British, noted for their ‘sangfroid’ and unflappable character, would be hard pressed to maintain the same level and length of composure that, in more than 66 years of conflict, has never once deviated from what appears to be a studied indifference towards peace and its attainment.

But it may be that some deviation from so casual an acceptance of the status quo might, once in a while, be very beneficial, an indication to all and sundry that the pursuit of a solution, any solution, is still regarded as being well worth whatever it takes to achieve such an elusive purpose. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

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