The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 119


‘Three teenage yeshiva students missing, feared kidnapped in West Bank’

‘Security services suspect the three were taken captive by terrorists; widespread operation underway to locate them; PM calls families of missing, tells them to remain strong’

Are we witnessing an event foretold in this report, an incident that was always anticipated but never quite expected to take place, not until fate and circumstance dictated otherwise on this Thursday, June 12th?

The apparent kidnapping of these three teenagers and the massive Israeli military sweep and search operation that it generates will leave the overall situation in a far more parlous state than ever before. There is no good side to this, none at all.

And what is to stop such tactics from being used time and time again? Whatever the outcome in this one case, a trend may have developed that could well become the pattern for all the years ahead. To counteract such a policy will not be easy. Only with round-the-clock vigilance and a constant awareness of the dangers involved can its prevention be guaranteed – or its implementation made as difficult to carry out as is humanly possible.

A far better method might be one where an autonomous response comes into play, virtually a catch-all system where the penalties are of a nature so fearful and doom-laden that not even the most dedicated fanatic on either side would ever dare to risk incurring them. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Sometimes and in certain circumstances, the only real defence is to move the game into an entirely new dimension altogether, to perceive the possibilities that radical change might bring about, to dispense with what has, for far too long, become the traditional way of doing things.

‘Sometimes it takes an unconventional approach to build better futures’


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