The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 120


‘Hundreds pray for kidnapped teens at Western Wall’

‘Defense minister imposes closure on Hebron area, shutters Gaza crossings; settlements to deny entry to Palestinian laborers’

Hundreds pray for kidnapped teens at Western Wall | The Times of Israel

This kidnapping represents, as have so many examples in the past, the latest addition to a far wider picture, a human tapestry stretching across decades of conflict and a portrayal of just how bad life can be when certain matters are left for far too long without remedy or closure.

But, since neither remedy nor closure have never once been seen on even the most distant horizon, what alternative is there but to continue on much as before, fully locked into an unremitting cycle of move and counter-move and a future where only more of the same is possible?

In this case, as with others of a similar stripe, wisdom comes after the event and often when hindsight reveals what should have been done to avoid consequences that are now all too apparent.

And yet what measures can be taken to forestall the like of what has just happened? The situation, as it exists at present and has long done so, is predisposed towards this type of incident, its structure so fixated and programmed that it encourages such activities, its very nature defeating every effort to arrest descent into a maelstrom of crisis and contention.

Perhaps a serious reprogramming of the direction in which the entire enterprise is going should now be undertaken as a matter of urgency. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Fate is never the iron road down which everyone is obliged to travel. We can choose to turn from the path and explore other avenues, some of which may lead us to destinations far removed from ones we have expected all along –  and always feared throughout generations of time.





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