The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 121

‘Netanyahu: We ‘know for a fact’ Hamas behind abduction’

‘PM rejects denials from terror organization; Palestinian spokesman decries Hebron security measures as collective punishment’

Netanyahu: We ‘know for a fact’ Hamas behind abduction | The Times of Israel

‘Collective punishment’ or ‘security measures’ may be an understandable response to what has happened, especially as the circumstances leave little room for much of anything else. But, whatever the term chosen, they both represent the use of a somewhat blunt instrument, one which must polarise still further communities and peoples already at considerable odds with each another.

And yet ‘collective punishment’ or ‘security measures’ could indeed turn out to be the one and only answer in the long run, certainly in a situation where no answers have ever been forthcoming. The secret here is to make assent to such measures a solution acceptable to the widest possible spectrum of all those involved. There is also the need to have the general mass of humanity ready to fully back such an arrangement, confident in the belief that the entire matter can be put to rest in the fullness of time and in the most expeditious manner possible. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’


‘Collective punishment’ or ‘security measures’ might then be profitably transformed into ‘collective security’ for all, the primary condition for real peace and coexistence to prevail. And, in a region having enjoyed the benefit of neither, not even once, that prospect has to be most welcome.


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