The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 143


Clashes ongoing as East Jerusalem seethes over killed teen | The Times of Israel    ‘Netanyahu calls for swift probe into ‘abominable murder’ of Arab 16-year-old, as Israelis mourn and tensions flare in the capital day after three slain Israeli teens laid to rest; Temple Mount closed for fear of violent clashes’

Riots in East Jerusalem after body of Arab teen found | The Times of Israel   ‘Day after three slain Israel teens laid to rest, Israelis mourn and tensions flare in the capital; Temple Mount closed for fear of violent clashes’

Things are moving much too fast here for sober and considered judgement. Indeed, no valid judgements whatsoever seem possible, not when such volatile streams of violence and anger can be relied upon to upstage every impartial assessment being made in situations as tense as these. In an atmosphere always primed to explode at very often the slightest provocation, it might be to everyone’s advantage if a parallel form of rough justice were permanently installed, one filling the vacuum that is instantly generated whenever various incidents arise, much like those that have so recently taken place. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

This presents a ready-made fallback position for both sides, a form of risk management that can cool down the more immediate effects of any aggressive moves made by them and, quite likely, compel much calmer responses to all manner of perceived injustice and wrongdoing.











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