John Cronin

The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 147


Iron Dome shoots down Hamas rocket over Tel Aviv | The Times of Israel  ‘Israel approves call-up fo 40,000 reserves troops; seven Gazans reported killed in strike on Hamas member’s home, including two children; two Israelis injured by rockets; defense minister warns conflict won’t be short’

The assumption must be that, looking to the future, this level of aggression cannot be sustained indefinitely. Some compromise or face-saving exercise will be brokered, most likely by elements outside the immediate combat zone, allowing both sides to return to their quiescent state of armed hostility. What happens thereafter depends very much on whatever steps are then taken to address the problem in terms that make some sense to all those primarily involved and also to an extended worldwide audience.

But has anything ever made any sense lately or, indeed, at any point in the past 66 years? The fact that the conflict is still very much with us and seems destined to remain so, would indicate a problem that appears well beyond our power to resolve within any reasonable time-frame.

Then where would be the harm in becoming very unreasonable and solving it that way? – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’




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