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The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 155

IDF urges Gazans to clear Beith Lahiya; Hamas rejects truce | The Times of Israel   ‘Rocket barrage targets towns in center, south; IDF commando raid ends with 3 Hamas dead, 4 IDF wounded; Israel steps up airstrikes; bomb shelters open on Lebanese border after 3 rockets hit Galilee’

It appears that the children here are still dictating events while many of the adults can only wring their hands in despair, pleading with them to desist from their dangerous games and asking them to behave in a more considerate manner towards each other, much as all good little boys and girls should do. But, such is the incessant din of battle that is going on right now, all these pleadings have fallen on ears deaf to everything except for noises coming from the combat zone.

So, how can those, sometimes notionally in charge, shout loudly enough to be heard above the high decibel levels that this conflict is presently capable of generating?

Could a voice amplifier of more than exceptional power alert everyone to the risks being run and persuade even the rowdier elements among the children to start back along a path leading to a much safer playground?

To get the necessary attention from some very hard-of-hearing players, the tactic of using a bull-horn has been one used to good effect in many fields of contest and certain other trials of strength – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’






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