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The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 159


Israel accepts Egyptian ceasefire proposal, Hamas rejects deal | The Times of Israel  ‘Cabinet votes 6-2 to end hostilities, but Gazan organization calls offer ‘unacceptable’; Kerry cancels trip to Cairo; IDF hits house of top Hamas operative; Rockets strike Eilat, lightly injuring four people’

Another ceasefire, it would appear, is being put forward as a possible means of addressing this current crisis. Grudgingly given or not, agreement to its terms might then be taken as a first step towards stopping what is yet another round in that familiar trial of strength between Palestinians and Israelis.

It’s a very common scenario, one that has been repeated time and time again throughout nearly seven decades of conflict. Apart from providing a welcome breathing space for those unfortunate enough to be living under its shadow, the reining in of this present bout of aerial bombardment has about it something of the routine, the commonplace. It resembles nothing more than the slavish adherence to a script written years ago and never once updated to accommodate the modern audience of today.

What if that audience now wants to read ahead to the end of the story; no longer to be satisfied with the mere closing of this latest chapter?

Can our powers of composition ever rise to meet such a challenge?       Or is rewriting tomorrow’s page in history reserved only for those who have written most of yesterday’s? And will they still be the ones to guide the plot-line towards whatever the future holds?. What a pity if this has to be so; their style of writing is unlikely to furnish us with anything but the most unhappiest of endings.

So the question remains. Is it to be our destiny or theirs as the next authors of this interminable saga? And if it is to be us, then it will need much more than just another shaky ceasefire to start that ball rolling. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’





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