John Cronin

The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 160


Rocket shot at Haifa as Netanyahu threatens to step up Gaza op | The Times of Israel   ‘Several rockets fired at northern and southern Israel intercepted; Hamas calls offer to end hostilities ‘not acceptable’ after Israeli cabinet okays Egyptian proposal; Kerry cancels Cairo trip; IDF hits house of top Hamas operative; 192 killed in Gaza’

Ratcheting up this present round of conflict to whatever the next level might be has all the makings of a situation even more serious than that which already exists. And it must be said that things are quite bad enough already without any additional escalation having to take place.

How then to deescalate matters when so much of the scene still remains locked in the grip of a conditioned reflex, waves of of violence and counter violence that stop only when too much blood has been shed and destruction has reached some unspecified crisis point?

A dedicated detoxification program is called for here, a complete reversal of the customary manner in which this type of longstanding confrontation is normally addressed. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

No need for ceasefires, no international protest at whatever transpires, no rush to condemn or vilify the aggressive actions of those on both sides, no conscious effort to make judgements or take positions opposed to one or other of the combatants here. In short, doing hardly anything at all yet so effective that it must command the support of everyone who cares to be involved.






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