John Cronin

The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 171


‘Gaza terrorists attempt to attack IDF forces with explosives-laden donkey’

07/19/2014 12:21

‘IDF expresses regret over “shocking” incident, condemns Gaza terrorists for strapping explosive devices to animals in order to attack Israeli troops.’

Well, if even donkeys are now being drafted into this increasingly unpleasant conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, then where is this all going to end? Unless something is done to radically alter the way which such matters are presently being driven, then the prospect of other animals flooding into the combat zone, with all manner of lethal devices attached to them, does not now seem altogether too implausible. Might not even domestic pets be hereinafter viewed with a sense of some foreboding by whoever it is that owns them? Indeed, can there be any depths deeper than this to which callous and deranged individuals will not sink?

In light of such a potential development, it might be in the very best interests of both man and beast to hive off the whole enterprise to a far more humane version of combat. If not for the sake of long-suffering humanity, then surely this must be made so for all those innocents in the animal kingdom who are certainly deserving of nothing less. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’


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