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The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 172


A full-scale invasion looms | The Times of Israel  ‘Op-ed: Gloating at the Israelis it is killing, blackening Israel’s name by operating among Gaza’s civilians, and with much of its leadership and terror capacity intact, Hamas is drawing Israel ever deeper into the Strip 

At some point in time – and, it must be hoped, sooner rather than later – this current trial of strength between Israelis and Palestinians will be over and the scene returned to some semblance of normality – or whatever passes for normality in this endless struggle for control in the region.

It may then be safely assumed that nothing will have changed all that much in the interim. Once the dust has settled and no matter what alterations have taken place, the overall reality is certain to remain just the same, as bad as before and always dangerous. Israelis will continue to feel the constant threat of militant forays and active resentment from Gaza and the West Bank. And Palestinians, under daily constraint from Israeli policies of maximum containment, must endure their lot as best they can.

To make any real and permanent difference in so bleak a future requires that every one of us challenge fate, move mountains and generally push the envelope until it all starts going the way most of us would want.

But how far we are all prepared to push that envelope depends very much on just where it is we might all end up. But if that seems like somewhere we would all wish to be, then pushing ever onward shouldn’t cause us any problems whatsoever. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

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