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The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 183


Worse may yet lie ahead | The Times of Israel   ‘Hamas doesn’t want to stop the fighting without ‘an achievement’ such as the lifting of the Gaza security blockade. And neither Israel nor Egypt are in the mood to help’

Indeed, worse may well lie ahead. And whose fault will that be? Theirs?Ours? His? Hers? Someone else?

Unless a supremely serious attempt at intervention – and on a long-term basis – is introduced into this conflict, the prospects for it continuing on indefinitely are very high indeed. It’s already been 66 years in progress and another 66 are not entirely beyond the bounds of credibility.

Mr..Kerry and Mr. Moon are, even now, deep in confab with the Israeli, Palestinian and UN powers-that-be, trying to cobble together some ceasefire or other, a time-out from what has become a fully fledged war of attrition, complete with mounting death tolls on either side and the destruction of homes and property on a grand scale.

It just won’t do. This a piss-poor way to fight over whose writ will finally run in the region. But the trouble is that finding alternatives to this method has always proved so disappointing in the past. On each and every occasion, a successful outcome has never been reached and gambling that this latest effort will do better is just throwing good money after bad.

The only way to ensure a positive result here is to up the ante so massively that neither party would ever dream or dare  to continue with the game thereafter. Thus are alternative solutions to be found. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

It’s called ‘ betting the farm’ in some circles. And, after all that’s happened, it is now the one thing that might work out for everyone involved. Which, in this and similar instances, should amount to all of us.

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