The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 197

UN Security Council calls for Gaza cease-fire | The Times of Israel ..’Without mentioning Israel or Hamas by name, president’s statement expresses ‘grave concern’ over ongoing violence’

Calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, expressions of ‘grave concern over ongoing violence’ and a damning indictment of everyone involved will be the most that the UN Security Council can possibly offer in terms of public consumption and their ability to act decisively in this matter.

And much good will it do one and all.

Unless the UN who, nominally, speak for everyone on this entire planet, can issue something more than just a fervent hope, wish or declaration concerning how things should proceed from now on, men, women and children will continue to be killed off in all manner of ways that we human beings have always been so very good at devising.

Then it must be high time for us to devise at least one new method in which mass slaughter, the like of which may soon be happening again, becomes so repellent that it is ended forever as a by-product, intentional or not, in all national, tribal, communal, political strategies now in being. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

And an end to scenes like this in our lifetime and others yet to come.

UN satellite imagery of damage in Shejaiya in Gaza City (photo credit: UNITAR)
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