The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 206


Government resolves to intensify Gaza offensive, after 3 soldiers killed | The Times of Israel

‘ Army death toll rises to 56; 17 Palestinians die in market attack; British PM says war making 2-state solution ‘impossible’; UN, Washington condemn attack on school that kills at least 15 ‘

This has been a common theme running throughout the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for all the years it’s been with us. An outbreak of hostilities occurs and this is then escalated up to the next level and so on and so forth. Not until some last paroxysm of violence takes place does the contest begin to subside, winding back down to a far less convulsive but always familiar routine.

But, by then, much damage has been done and the matter simply resets to begin the cycle all over again.

Today sees a 72 hour ceasefire that might herald a return to just the same sort of stand-off that has become the accepted norm for decades. If not, then this chapter of the story must continue on until such time as, in the long accustomed manner, it terminates in stalemate once more.

So, as ever it would seem, we may soon be back at the start of yet another round of aggressive moves and counter-moves, still trying to discover some break-out strategy from the continuous loop within which this cycle revives and restores itself.

But, in all of 66 years, no such discovery has yet been made, current events testifying in no small measure to that irrefutable observation.

Does this mean then that there really is no prospect of a solution? Or is it that we just have to keep on looking until we find one?

Or might we have stumbled across it well before now, not realising what it is we found nor recognising the potential it holds in store for everyone? – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

What a truly terrible waste of lives and resources if the answer has been there all along, had ever been so and was simply ours for the taking?




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