The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 209


Senate appoves $225m. Iron Dome funding, ball in House’s court | The Times of Israel   ‘Legislative session extends past original recess date; senators voice strong support for Israel following soldier’s kidnapping’

An extra $225 million for Iron Dome. A tidy sum for anyone fortunate enough to have that on their bank statement. But then, wars have always been very costly items in terms of their cash outlay and even more so when their expenditure in human beings is taken into account..

And yet the overall manner in fighting wars does not seem to change all that much from year to year, generation to generation. If men, materials and the means of production for supplying and resupplying the combat zone are destroyed in sufficient quantity and quality, one side will eventually sue for peace and be required then to take whatever terms are offered.

But, for some strange reason, no one has ever thought about making war upon war itself. Of course, it’s never been done before but is that any reason to assume that it just can’t happen or be made to do so?

Perhaps no technique exists today nor has one ever been explored or taken seriously. But the case for having so fortunate a facility must surely be deserving of universal acclaim.The ever-increasing casualty lists and the graphic nature of modern-day conflict demand that any and all means of ending these matters must be considered and, if found to be available, applied in whatever form or context they might appear.

Thus some serious moves towards such an undertaking might well prove instructive in dealing with the harsh realities of warfare, the ones we see on a daily basis and are so much in evidence worldwide. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’






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