The complete idiot’s guide to mideast peace – part 217

As truce holds, Israelis set to negotiate long-term solution | The Times of Israel   ‘Preventing Hamas from rearming, with regional support, is government’s top priority; Jerusalem willing to ease Gaza blockade’

This does look like a much more positive step compared to what’s been happening recently. But the question that inevitably arises is this. Just how long is a ‘long-term solution’ here and can it last the length of time required for the best possible recovery from all that’s transpired so far?

The gut feeling must be that everyone is just going through the motions now, acting out the roles given to them and waiting for the next act to begin, an act that promises to be not so very different from the last one.

So, how different do we really want our next scene to be? How much of a departure from the norm are we willing to accept if it means we won’t have to sit through another interminable peace process and its inevitable collapse into chaos and conflict?  – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’




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