The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 224

Livni presents plan to end conflict with Hamas, restart talks with PA | The Times of Israel ‘Justice minister: Israel should not give in to terror group’s grandiose demands, must operate militarily as long as needed

It’s always a plus to see any plans for a peace initiative put forward here. It must mean people are still pursuing the concept and that can only be a positive sign.

But this particular effort is surely doomed to failure from the start and for one very simple reason. Its proposer would appear to be Israel and, if nothing else, that alone automatically rules out its acceptance by the other side. 
To have the slightest chance of success, any plan for peace must be seen as completely external to the conflict and therefore more likely to possess credentials of independence, impartiality and blind justice. Having the combatants themselves try to sort out the matter is just wishful thinking of the very highest order. – not an ‘inside job’ by any stretch of the imagination.

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