The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 229

Makeup of UN Gaza probe panel proves anti-Israel bias, Jerusalem says | The Times of Israel ‘Commission to be headed by Prof. William Schabas, who in the past has called for Netanyahu and Peres to stand trial at the ICC…

At a cost of, perhaps, two thousand lives and many times that number of injuries, a short, mutually agreed withdrawal from the battlefield has been arranged and what happens thereafter is now anybody’s guess.

What the UN Gaza probe panel will make of all this remains to be seen. That it will come to some conclusion is inevitable but whether final judgement is given to Israel or Hamas will probably do little to radically alter a situation far too long in conflict, one set in its ways right from the start and this to a highly marked degree.

Then can any judgement whatsoever significantly change matters here? Could there ever be verdicts of such supreme relevance and import that both sides would be obliged to seriously challenge their present outlook and even reverse policies and attitudes held as sacrosanct for decades?

But if judgement like this can be rendered and in a manner that is clearly both fair and equitable, then this might form the basis upon which issues that have long escaped justice, remedy and result are overcome at last.  – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Is this an expectation too optimistic for humanity to grasp and utilise? Optimism for the future is no respecter of class or culture. For without it, there is every likelihood that none of us would be here at all.


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