The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 233


Read more: Israeli official confirms US nixed arms sale; PM blamed for icy ties | The Times of Israel   ‘WSJ report of frayed relations between Washington and Jerusalem, including combative Obama-Netanyahu phone call, sparks firestorm among Israeli politicians’

This is something else that’s looking far from stellar just at the moment. The American-Israeli special relationship has certainly seen some better days and its star appears to be shining a lot less brightly than before.

So, how can relations be improved between this lately estranged and now ever so slightly distant couple?

The best way to impress Americans is to demonstrate that there are still new ways to approach difficult situations; novelty and fresh ideas are available to tackle what would otherwise be left to methods long outdated and never a match for problems that have always been insurmountable.

For Israel to really get back into America’s good books may require a leap of faith in itself, its people and the rest of us, the like of which has never been seen nor recorded, not once in all of human history.

And the choice here may mean that Israel either leaps – or it get pushed.   ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Love & Inspiration: Leap of Faith

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