The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 236


Israel weighing how to deal with UN war probe | The Times of Israel   ‘Jerusalem believes that stinging indictment is all but guaranteed, but is also wary of slighting the UN’


Is this yet another of those ‘to be or not to be’ situations?

If Israel decides not to cooperate with this UN probe, it will be accused of having something to hide and conclusions will be drawn accordingly.

If there is cooperation, will the perceived bias in those writing up this report prove too difficult to overcome, leaving Israel open to criticism of a very high order, unable to properly vindicate many of its actions in Gaza?

On balance, I would say it’s much better to argue the case and not be seen as pronouncing on the issues well in advance. There is surely an argument to be made here on Israel’s behalf and, in doing so, more kudos than censure may result. Naturally some risks are present. These will have to be accepted and measures put in place to counteract whatever adverse effects any unfavourable verdict might deliver.

What if Israel could demonstrate an essentially pro-active approach to what has long been a very costly affair in terms of lives lost, pain and suffering inflicted and futures blighted? This would count very much towards an outcome of far more beneficial consequence than that of any UN probe. And if some mishandling of recent hostilities might appear evident, all this will become secondary to a new way of resolving the entire conflict, finally coming to terms with it by obtaining complete release and relief from its tenacious 66 year-old grip. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

For both sides here, this may be their one and only choice in the matter.

Unless it’s that of remaining in the world’s doghouse forevermore.


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