The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 237

Hamas says Egypt ceasefire deal gives Israel ‘upper hand’ | The Times of Israel   ‘Unclear if Gaza’s Islamist rulers will accept 11-point Cairo document, which provides for supervised easing of blockade, pushes off talks on seaport, airport’

Hamas threatens war of attrition if terms not met | The Times of Israel   ‘Attack tunnels will be ‘strategic threat’ to Israel, says terror group official; Cairo ceasefire talks set to resume Sunday’

Israel silent, Hamas position unclear on Egypt ceasefire terms | The Times of Israel  ‘Details of Cairo’s proposal published by local newspaper; Hamas negotiators discuss deal with leaders in Qatar, while Israel says security interests must be met; some militants say fighting over’

Hamas rejects Cairo ceasefire terms, promises war of attrition | The Times of Israel  ‘Abbas breaks ranks with Islamists, says no alternative to Cairo deal; Israel said unwilling to compromise on its security demands’

It must be said that the omens here do not look especially promising, not, that is, for any sustained period of peace turning up anytime soon.

So what to do now?

Sit it out and wait for better days?

Take what’s on offer and be grateful that something, no matter how small, can still be salvaged once this latest ruckus has blown over?

Complain to the powers-that-be about the delays and prevarications so endemic in a situation left for far too long without remedy or closure?

Despair of a solution ever being found and become resigned to things staying just the way they are and much as they have always been?

Or decide to ‘lower the boom’ on both sides and finally have done with this business once and for all? – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

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