The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 241

Netanyahu pulls envoys out of Cairo after rocket fire resumes | The Times of Israel  ‘After rocket fire on Beersheba breaks truce, IDF strikes targets ‘across the Gaza Strip’; Israel dragging its feet in talks, Hamas charges; Kerry reportedly expected in region next week’

Well, it seems those extra 24 hours were just never going to be enough. And here we are again, back at ‘square one’ and with nothing to show for it except more of what we’ve already seen so many times before.

Is this really the way human beings need to be conducting such matters in this day and age? Having managed to get ourselves as far as the 21st century, haven’t we learnt anything that might defend and even absolve us from the multitude of mistakes and miscalculations inherited from all those many centuries in the past?

Or are we simply too frightened to stray far from the path we’ve always known, too afraid to venture into uncharted regions where everything might appear new and strange to us? I suppose there is comfort to be drawn from adherence to familiar concepts and traditional methods. But, if these should no longer suffice, can furnish no clarity of purpose nor help for pain, must we then accept their limitations and do no more?

Or can we discover within ourselves an answer for that which has caused us so much concern, grief and helplessness, a conflict still in progress, much as it has been for generations and for which a permanent solution has yet to be found?  – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Sometimes, people don't want to speak up


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