The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 245

European nations working on UN Gaza truce resolution | The Times of Israel ‘Sources say Israelis and Palestinians interested in Security Council involvement; UN aid workers call for humanitarian ceasefire’

Good to observe that the powers-that-be are stirring themselves about stopping this latest outbreak of violence between Israelis and Palestinians. But why is it that such efforts always turn out to be so half-hearted, never quite managing to pull off the big score; no permanent remedy is ever pushed forward to treat so persistent a condition?

Maybe everyone is just too timid or unsure about what to do. After all, it’s never quite the done thing to be seen interfering in the affairs of others, even if those others have been killing off many thousands in the process.

So, what are the politically correct moves to make in these matters?

“Guys, you really should try being very much nicer to each other from now on. Don’t you know it’s awfully bad form doing the things you’re doing and that these are much frowned upon in polite society?”

“Come on, chaps, play up, play up and play the game here. It’s so terribly unsporting to use such high-tech weaponry against defenceless civilians although we do appreciate, of course, that it can be very tiresome having those Hamas rockets landing in your backyard every now and then.”

“But dash it all, you fellows, isn’t it time to put away all of those bright shiny toys that make so much noise and mess? I mean, we seem to be forever clearing up after you and you must have realised by now that this isn’t providing us with much in the way of job satisfaction.”

” Now if you don’t start behaving yourselves like good little boys and girls, mummy and daddy are going to get very cross with you and, if you keep on the way you’re going, then the boogeyman will come and get you – and you won’t like him at all.”  – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

The permanent remedy; may be also better known as: ‘ the boogeyman.’


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