The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 261

The root causes and dire consequences of US-Israeli mistrust | The Times of Israel   ‘Jerusalem and Washington blindsided each other during the Gaza war, and their dysfunctional ties now threaten Israel’s sought-after diplomatic and psychological victory over Hamas’

I’m not sure how easy it will be for Israel to get back into Uncle Sam’s good books. Damage has been done and repairs are, no doubt, being put into effect even at this very moment. But it’s safe to say that, just for now, the relationship may have become somewhat strained, not quite firing on all cylinders.

Rectifying this failure may present some problems but the best way to mend the situation is for Israel to break new ground, use a little enterprise and demonstrate a capacity for taking some calculated risks. These, under normal conditions, might never have been considered but risk culture in America has always been greatly admired, aspired to and seen as playing for big stakes. And these stakes may be the biggest of all in Israel’s entire history.  – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

The Americans will love it. And the rest of the world might very well go along with them. That’s because it gets everyone off the hook and we all become big winners in what would then be the biggest game of all.

And winning is always so much better than losing. Especially when you can’t remember the last time you really did win big.


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