The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part 81)

‘Kerry: Fate of talks lies with Israelis, Palestinians’

‘In London, first meeting with Abbas since negotiations collapsed lasts almost two hours, yields little progress’

Kerry: Fate of talks lies with Israelis, Palestinians | The Times of Israel

It may well be that the fate of the on and now off peace talks initiated nine months ago by the indefatigable Mr. Kerry is as stated, Both sides have proven unequal to the task of sustaining them beyond the agreed cutoff point and so each must reactivate the process if they are to continue.

But to what end?

Events have moved on, time runs forward, the world turns and nothing is ever quite the same as before..

Has the situation improved or deteriorated? The climate of opinion would indicate a major downturn in the chances for any new or reconstituted peace negotiations. And, even if such a resumption were to happen, why should the outcome be any different from the many previous attempts made in all the years gone by?

The answer, given present circumstances, must be that no success whatsoever can be expected, not until well into the next decade. And, maybe, not even then.


1.  Proceed ever onward, much as always, in the faint hope that some new development will magically reverse all the bitterness, memories and fears that have accumulated over time, thereby setting everyone on course for a much better than anything experienced thus far.

2.  Change the circumstances, create that new development, don’t be content to just wait upon its arrival; these things never work out that way. Fashion it in such a manner that its mere presence alone will release the entire situation from a straitjacket  that decades of conflict and death have long placed over it. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

There comes a time when everyone must fly the nest, try their wings and go out to meet the world. And meeting that world more than halfway will command a much better response from it than simply electing to stay at home, waiting for it to come to you.

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