The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace – part 122

Shots fired at soldiers near Jerusalem, rockets at Ashkelon | The Times of Israel   No injuries reported in incident at military checkpoint on road to Etzion bloc; Iron Dome downs two of four rockets fired in south’

Israel could kill Hamas leaders, defense minister hints | The Times of Israel  Moshe Ya’alon warns of ‘very heavy price’ for chiefs of organisation Israel holds responsible for kidnapping 3 teens’

Facebook page: Kill a terrorist every hour teens are held | The Times of Israel   More than 15,000 ‘like’ proposal, as IDF search intensifies in Hebron area’

In search for teens, IDF arrests 2 in Hebron house | The Times of Israel  One Palestinian said injured in explosion; 7 arrested south of Nablus’

IAF strikes terror targets in Gaza Strip | The Times of Israel  Move comes after additional rocket fire Sunday evening; military spokesman reports direct hits’

The kidnapping of three teenagers last Thursday has certainly spawned a great deal of activity but, so far, more heat than light appears to have been generated. This is not too surprising in the circumstances and the probably is that more of the same will continue to be the case in the next few days.

Now may not be the best time to reflect on this incident but it can be worth noting that what has happened is symptomatic of a much larger malaise, one that has resisted all attempts at remedy for generations. While every effort is being made to this treat this latest development and stabilise its condition, measures to eliminate its root cause are either non-existent or have failed dismally during each and every application.

The choice therefore would now seem confined to that of palliative care with gradual deterioration the inevitable consequence of such a decision. Or we might all elect to undertake a most radical procedure, one of the ‘kill or cure’ variety, a technique which offers some hope of a full recovery and a much better lifestyle thereafter – and for all concerned. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Three teenagers are in a very parlous position just at the moment. How different things might have been if steps had previously been taken to make sure all such events could never have happened in the first place?

One small step.....






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