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The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part21)

Bennett: Failed talks weren’t leading to peace | The Times of Israel

Now that the Kerry peace initiative has finally entered the ninth month of its tense and turbulent gestation period, was its destiny always to be nothing more than that of a phantom pregnancy? Are we witnessing yet another false dawn here, one that heralds no new day, no ending to the long, dark night that is the collective Israeli and Palestinian soul?

Both sides, it seems, would prefer to continue in conflict rather than resolve whatever issues still divide them. Success in these settlement negotiations is set therefore to remain forever an illusion; no reality of substance must ever encroach upon so rarefied a discussion group, such discourses lead only to even more disappointment and despair.

Then the very best course of action may now be to let them fight it out once and for all. If not to the death, then to some easily demonstrable and recognised finish line, fast-forwarding towards a triumphal conclusion in a struggle where final victory has never before been in sight nor thought remotely possible.

And, if it can be managed in the correct manner, then the victors in this battle may very well turn out to be every last one of us. – ‘for those of us with better things to do.’

Will the time ever come when we can all start writing some of our very own and very present history?
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