The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part22)

Knesset to hold special session on peace talks

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I wonder if, in this new Knesset session, the first order of business must inevitably be that of an autopsy, a rather belated search for explanations and reasons as to why the Kerry peace process has now ground to a complete halt in virtually all respects.

But then, an autopsy would suggest that the patient is already dead, no signs of life present, not even the remotest flicker to indicate there is still some small chance of revival or reanimation.

Must this also be the same outcome for the next peace initiative ?

And the one after that?

And all those thereafter?

Experience so far might validate the holding of such assumptions. What peace process has ever had so much going for it as this current example of the genre? What more could have been done to facilitate agreement and general satisfaction among all the parties involved? Are there lessons still to be learned and how can this type of outcome be avoided in whatever future deliberations and discussions take place?

Resuscitation of these talks may, even now, be just within the realms of possibility but much damage has already been done and, unless an infusion of new blood is quickly administered, the prognosis for their survival can be viewed only as being very doubtful indeed – ‘for those of us with better things to do.’

New blood or shock therapy? Either way, if it works, then isn’t that really all that matters?

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