The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part23)

Liberman calls for new elections over freeing prisoners

Read more: Liberman calls for new elections over freeing prisoners | The Times of Israel

This may be a way out of the present Israeli administration’s current dilemma but the overall problem remains much as before. It’s still a case of finding those constantly elusive partners for peace, the ones that each side can trust implicitly and have no qualms whatsoever about them keeping to commitments pledged and signed up for in the many years that lie ahead.

It would appear that neither party here has ever once thought about seeing themselves in this role.

And yet, becoming your very own peace partner must rank as the very best deal to be had. Certainly, as far as security considerations, belief in the future and general well-being are concerned, this choice must be the most obvious. I mean, if you can’t place total confidence in yourselves, then who else could ever merit being the recipient of so much positive commendation?

But just how do you go about becoming your own partner for peace? – ‘for those of us with better things to do.’

Here you need trust only in yourselves and all those like-minded and of shared conviction. What the other side gets up to becomes almost immaterial, largely irrelevant in terms of adversely affecting the situation as seen from your own point of view.

Thus a real and steadfast partnership is formed and made constant throughout the good times and bad. And, to paraphrase Mr. Oscar Wilde, ‘to trust oneself must surely be the beginning of a life-long friendship.’

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