The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part28)

New Israeli spy satellite enters orbit | The Times of Israel

With access to yet another all-seeing eye-in-the-sky, Israel must feel better placed than ever before to recognise and meet new developments that may, even now, be gathering on some dark and distant horizon.

But all this can be classified as a reaction to events and circumstance; there is no proactive element in such a measure. Everything is so dependent on what is seen, what happens, what can only be interpreted and not on what might be done to forestall threat levels still in the process of formation. These, for the most part, will try to stay well out of sight, keeping below the radar, absent from even the most intensive scrutiny.

In this regard, Israel is blind in one eye, its vision restricted to methods of direct observation and by limitations born of too many bad experiences in the past.

No one need be wedded to this situation for eternity; there is always the possibility of filing for divorce or, at the very least, requesting a complete makeover. Then the relationship can be started up again but this time in a far less strident and impulsive manner.

Time therefore to forge a new future using the maximum number of eyes available, making a clean and definitive break with what has gone before. – ‘for those of us with better things to do.’

Sometimes, the ‘all-seeing eye’ has to look beyond the moment and realise what potential exists in taking matters to a whole new level.





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