The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part30)

Israel blames Kerry as peace talks hopes fade | The Times of Israel 

Is this what it comes down to in the end, that same old blame game all over again?

After nine months of meetings, talks, moves, counter-moves and then no moves at all, is there really nothing left to show for so much of the time, effort and money spent and, as it would seem, wasted in these negotiations?

And just who is to blame?

Is it Kerry?

Is it Abbas?

Is it Netanyahu?

Is it Obama?

Is it Bennett?

Is it all of them?

Or could it be all of us?

Why us? What have we ever done to merit such an accusation? We haven’t taken direct part in any of the discussions, our opinions have not been sought and neither have they been offered. We’ve left it up to those wiser and better informed than ourselves to deal with the matter. Why then should we be picked on as the scapegoats here?

Because we, that vast bulk of humanity, are the only ones now capable of delivering peace to a region, even to a world, where nothing like it has ever existed before. And our fault in this? That comes from not realising that it is we who, all along, have the power to so easily do this very thing. – ‘for those of us with better things to do.’

As the time of Passover approaches, let us all try to remember that the Angel of Death needs to recognise some sign from us, one that may be just enough to differentiate us from those who were our former selves.


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