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The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part36)

Read more: Palestinians clash with IDF in Hebron over prisoners | The Times of Israel

Not exactly the most unexpected or riveting of reports. Indeed, one might almost have predicted as much, given that the exact same scene, more or less, has been acted out over and over again on numerous occasions throughout the past. This time it was all about Palestinian prisoners and the refusal of Israel to release that last batch of 104 inmates as agreed to in accordance with preconditions for the present round of peace talks.

But it also reminded me of an earlier prisoner exchange, that of very nearly ten times the number for the safe return of Corporal Shalit, kidnapped in 2006 and restored to his family five years later in 2011

Although the outcome seemed to be of benefit to both sides back then, the extreme lack of parity in such a deal (1,027:1) did give rise to much comment and no little puzzlement in observers at the time.

Nevertheless, this somewhat unequal transfer went through and all those involved, presumably, got what they wanted.

So, if ‘unequal transfers’ are never to be entirely ruled out of contention in the management of this conflict, then ones of an even more unbalanced nature might conceivably lead on towards that of a far greater resolution. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

There are times when the pointed finger can be much more powerful than the pointed gun. Especially so if the finger always has bigger and better ammunition.
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