The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part42)

The essential truth of the matter is this. In the seemingly endless struggle between Israelis and Palestinians, its natural default position must always be defined as one of mutual antagonism, suspicion and mistrust.

No matter what moves are made to overcome these negative factors, the inevitable result is one of weak and unsustainable compromise, far too insipid and lacking in that strength necessary to force any significant change of outlook or attitude in the combatants themselves. A long line of intermediaries and peace facilitators have discovered this much for certain – and to their cost.

The conflict itself does nothing to enhance the reputation or resourcefulness of those engaged in it. All that can be observed is an ongoing war of attrition and a casualty list already far too full of names from every generation and gender to ever credit victory to anyone at any time.

And yet majorities on both sides would have it otherwise – if only they knew how.

And this is how it can be done. Because this is now the only way a very real victory can ever be won. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

No more negotiations to falter and fail.

No more special pleading or making allowances for this or that.

No more bias towards either party.

No more compromise and no uncertainty.

No more misinterpretation or doubt.

No more patience with the combat itself.

And so, finally, no more conflict ever again.

Not a bad basis with which to go forward and towards a tomorrow better than the one we had always expected. And feared.


About the Author
Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .