The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part43)

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An all too familiar incident these days and one that must, no doubt, demand the equally familiar response.

Which, in turn, will generate another and another and yet still another, so on and so on, ‘ad infinitum.’

And the reason why such a series of militant and military muscle is on continual display? It’s because neither side has anything more powerful to throw at each other. What they have in their armouries is simply nowhere near enough to finish what was started way back in the century before this.

Then, taking inspiration from that very century, it follows that any true friend of either party should strive to provide them with the means whereby the ultimate in mutual devastation can be placed in their hands. Or, at least, our 21st century’s uprated and cleaner version of the same. So, should every one of us now elect to take such measures? – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

With this specialised type of firepower deployed as the best method of both attack and defence, what power on Earth could stand against it? Even for those most disciplined in the art of war, peace would soon become a far more preferable alternative than having to fight each other with ‘weaponry’ such as this.

‘There’s many a new tune that can be played on an old fiddle’



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