The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part49)

‘Livni: Israel had to suspend talks after Abbas-Hamas deal’

Read more: Livni: Israel had to suspend talks after Abbas-Hamas deal | The Times of Israel

The region’s political spectrum is as it is. There is no point in wishing it were otherwise. Alliances will be made and others dissolved as and when circumstances dictate. The Fatah-Hamas link-up is just such a development. It is symptomatic of the forces and pressures arising from the situation as it currently stands.

That situation, however, has remained essentially unchanged for seven decades; it is old, therefore, and much set in its ways. It no longer responds favourably to conventional methods of persuasion. Indeed, I seem unable to recall a time when it ever did. Still, some means of access to the very core of its being must be found if matters are not to deteriorate even further than they already have.

66 years is a long period in history, certainly more than enough for a lot of damage to take place. Repairing and restoring some sense of normalcy and purpose to the erratic course of so many millions will demand measures far beyond the reach of all previous attempts at redirection. These must be of an intensity and certainty consistent with what is acceptable to the human mind and collective conscience. They cannot remain within the exclusive domain of political machines that are so concerned with fighting each other that maintaining focus on peace is lost in the rivalries and intrigues that happen between and inside them. – ‘for those of us with better things to do.’

So, do we now square up to this darker aspect in our human nature or slink away, unable to face what is a reflection of our inner selves? Either we do this or the status quo stays with us forever. At least we have that choice from now on, one we never had before. Dare we take it or must we bow down to the inevitability of a fate we do not choose to challenge?


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